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Coal Miners Song (Tanko Bushi)

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  1. This lyrics shows how Miike Tanko (Miike Coal Mine) had prospered. Hitoyama futayama miyama koe (a yoi yoi) okuni saitaru- yaetsu-baki na-m-bo iroyo-ku saita-tote (a yoisho)samachan-ga kayowanya adano- hana (sano yoi yoi).
  2. Tanko Bushi (Japan) Background: The dance movements reflect the coal miners work movements. Grade Level: Formation: Single circle facing counterclockwise. Movements: Step in place, Walking forward, Walking backward, Rock step, Toe-heel step: Description: Dig Step - Two steps in place with the right foot while the hands pretend to hold a.
  3. Each region of Japan has its own unique style of dance and music, often containing lyrics and messages representative of that culture and history of that region. For example, the Tanko Bushi (literally, ‘coal mining song’) of the Kyushu region consists of movements that resemble the work of coal miners, such as pushing carts or digging.
  4. Dec 29,  · Listen to Coal Miners' Song (Tanko Bushi) on Spotify. Toshiko Yonekawa · Song · Music Duration: 2 min.
  5. Hawaiian Nisei Songs - A Musical Cocktail of Japanese American Songs In 's Hawaii Various Artists Worldwide · Preview SONG TIME Japanese Rumba. Club Nisei Orchestra, Harold Sasahara & Harold Sasahara & Club Nisei Orchestra Tanko Bushi (A Coal Mining Song) The All-Star Orchestra.
  6. Dec 20,  · this is another version of this popular japanese folk song - coal miner's song. the tune influenced yao min (姚敏)composition like chang loo 花嫁.

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